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All new on the site, Take-Talk! This is a easy-to-use chat window that allows any of you Taken (and anyone else, for that matter) while at the site, to do some live talk. I was doing some thinking and I'm liking the way things are shaping up. We've got regular readers, the reader-base is growing and things seems to be going at a nice clip. I would like to be able to talk to you guys outside comments (but I still want lots of those!). I think this will be a great way to emphasize community and be a utility to connect with each other. So, with no further ado, I give you Take-Talk. Enjoy!



Andrew said...

Ok, small note because this seems to get missed. The chat window here on the right CAN be used but it's not what's PREFERRED to be used. In the lower right hand corner of the chat box there on the right, there is a little icon of a box with a little arrow sticking out of it. This is the POP-OUT BUTTON. Use this to pop the window out into a big, easy-to-use window! This should make it easier for all of you.

Magus Stragus said...

Geez, that's obvious. I wonder who was the one who was doing it all wrong... ¬_¬

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