Girls and D&D?

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Here's something you don't hear so much about. Girls playing D&D. Yes, there are many that play, but really, not as many as probably would really enjoy it. Please note that my comments here are simply my personal observations.

All that said, I think that girls, really, are great at D&D. Usually, the thing I find them to turn away from, is the combat. Usually, you don't hear a girl bragging on how her character crushed that orc's skull with a battle-axe. But I guarantee if you gave their character some elaborately embroidered gloves that give them some skill bonuses, they'd probably be thrilled!

The thing about D&D is that, unfortunately, it's come to be associated with things in society that are, for better or worse, not as popular. You get lots of stereotypes that are usually none-too-kind. Guys are generally easier to get to play because it's just a thing that's usually attractive to guys. Adventure, combat, etc. They're things that are generally accepted as male things.

What a lot of girls might not know about is the fact that there's lots of other neat stuff too. Firstly, that it's not a video game. You'd be amazed at how many girls I've talked to about D&D and not ONE of them knew or understood the concept of a pen-n-paper rpg. "You play it around a table with friends? Cool!" That's usually the reaction afterward. They think it's usually antisocial and really, it's very social. I think that's one of the biggest things.

There are also other things. The fact that it puts so much emphasis on creativity. How about teamwork? How about shopping? I tell ya, there's nothing quite like shopping for that slick new magic item to complete your heroic ensemble.

I could go on about this but really, I think that the point has been made. Ladies, try out the game. Find a great DM and some friends and try it OR, if you've got the guts, pick up the core books and try to DM yourself for some of your friends!

Lastly, I need to give HUGE credit to Shelly Mazzanoble for writing her book "Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress: A Girl's Guide to Dungeons & Dragons". If you haven't heard of it, check it out, it's awesome. I've bought two copies, one for an old girlfriend and one for my present one. I've yet to find a girl who can read it and not love the charming illustrations, the witty writing and the much-needed insightful illumination that she gives the game.

You can find her book here and it's only about ten and a half bucks and TOTALLY worth it!

It makes a great gift!

Well all, thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little tangent! Ladies, pick up some dice and jump into a world you're sure to love!

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msRazZlebeDazzLe said...

i haVe to muCh as i proTested, i very muCh enjoyeD playing d&d. it was cOol to sEe hOw exCited yOu were to pLay wiTh me anD it waS surpRisiNg to see hOw muCh i liKed it! =] aS yoUr cuRRent giRlfrieNd wHo haS reaD sHelly's bOok, hehe, i haVe to saY it waS aWesOme!!! i wOuld totally reCommend tHis boOk tO any giRl who is sLightLy intereSted or is sLightLy inteRested in soMeone who is iNterested in d&d...hehe. =] tHaNks fOr tHe bOok huN! oh aNd heY...wHen's oUr neXt gaMe? =] i KiNda waNt to pLay aGain...but shhh...dOn't tell anyOne =]

Andrew said...

I won't tell. You just did. LOL I think that our next game will be either when I'm back around there, when I'm able to plan something for you guys OR if you ever get the inclination to play online with us =] (the idea of which I'll be touching on in a future post). Thanks for commenting and hope to hear more from ya!

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