Interactive Storytelling

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We've all heard a story or watched a movie where we, at some point, thought "Why didn't they do this?" or "Why didn't they do that?" I know I have. Sometimes it's a point of absolute frustration when you're into a story of some kind and then the characters take some course of action when you're there watching them going "No, turn LEFT!!" It's an odd feeling when you catch yourself thinking that stuff, like you want to be in the story, able to influence it. Well, with D&D, that's exactly what you do.

In D&D, you create a character (more on that in the next blog). They can be whatever you want, more or less. Then, you use that character to interact with the story that the DM (or dungeon master) is telling you. An example of this could be a little like this:

DM - Jim
Nazgor, the orc warrior - Dan
Kalvin, the human ranger - Lincoln

Jim: "Alright, you guys reach the forest. It's a dark and gloomy night. The moon casts subtle beams of light through the leaves, leaving small spots of light on the dark forest floor. You hear crickets somewhere out in the blackness beyond your vision and you smell the scent of wet leaves and dirt mixed with pine. You're at the forest entrance, what do you do?"

Dan: "I pull out my axe and charge ahead into the darkness!"

Lincoln: "I'm going to take a moment to light a torch so we can see as we walk through the forest. After that, I'll follow after Nazgor so he doesn't get lost."

Jim: "Alright, into the forest you go. As you walk into the forest, you get a feeling that something's just not right..."

And on the story would go.

The DM presents a scenario and the players, sitting at the table with him, interact with what he tells them. They can be anything from a fight to trying to find a lost kitten to having a drink in a tavern. Anything the imagination can conjure up!

Next time, we'll talk about how you make that character you can use to interact with those great stories your DM is going to be tellin' you!

Until next time, thanks for reading!



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