Ohdd City Map

Author: Andrew /

Alright guys, here's a little taste. Welcome to Ohdd.

Ohdd City Map


Adam said...

first of all this looks really nice, well done!

secondly I think that especially when the game is on line rather than local, this will be really helpful. Visuals are nice in rl but online will probably be especially nice

Andrew said...

Thanks! =]

I was thinking that it definitely would be a helpful reference for anyone playing, as well as myself. It's too difficult to say "You're here and it's near here and here and it's over by this place" without a picture to point to. Now we have something to reference and somewhere to go when you say "Alright, we're going to go down The Trodden Way, past The Guild of Arms and take a left, then stay to the right and go towards the wall and we'll stop at the end." And we can look at the map and know exactly where you are. I hope it's very helpful!

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