Ohdd Expectations

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Alright guys, it looks like we're about ready to roll out Ohdd. We've got maps, we've got back-stories, we've got ties, we've got the characters themselves, we've got a city with all sorts of neat stuff to see, we've got a pantheon and we've got 5 players chompin' at the bit to get their game on and who would I be to say no? Well, the DM, but thanks to the DMG, I know one of the first fundamental rules of running is "Say YES!" =]

So, in this final big post before the game starts, I'd like to know some expectations you guys have for the game. I have some ideas as far as theme goes that I'm going to attempt to work into the game to the best of my ability and I want you guys to have fun. The main things I'm going to go for are:

-Tinge of randomness

Humor - In Ohdd, I plan on having stuff that'll make you laugh or at least cock your head to the side and go "Whaaaat?" I plan on the city popping stuff up that you'll at least chuckle at and things that aren't too overtly serious. This is much easier done than said but suffice it to say, I'm taking this game with a smile on my face and I think a little laughter will be good. That said, I'll want some serious moments too.

Adventure - Everyone likes a little action and I plan on giving that to you, the players. I plan on giving you choice with, most likely, a bit of guidance if it comes to that. The only thing I'm going for at the moment, is keeping things within the city.

Exploration - That said, while I want the game taking place in the city, the city is very large with lots in it (some things I may not even know about) and there's lots of room to go around and see things. You don't normally have to stick to the story either. There are lots of things to do and if you guys think of something else you want to go off and try, there's no problem.

A Tinge of Randomness - I've found in the recent past that I have a bit of a talent for coming up with off the wall stuff and I want to integrate into the game, making for memorable moments and things that'll make you laugh, jump or just smile and enjoy. I like throwing stuff into the mix that will give you something to talk about even years later. "You remember that time when we...?" I want lots of those.

Anyways, all, The Gates of Ohdd are about to open and I'm glad you're here to share this with me. This will be my first truely home-brewed campaign, Ohdd being the first city in the wide... wide... wiiiide world of Telain (a much more serious place than Ohdd, itself) and I hope it's a treat for you all. Thanks again for all your help, I think this'll be a blast!

With the most sincere gratitude to all my readers and my team of players,



Andrew said...

Things You Need:
1: Hamachi - Hamachi is a virtual LAN program that is totally free. It is needed in order to use Gametable. Also, hamachi allows us to double click on a name in the console (like AIM or any other instant messenger) and send personal messages. If I need to tell someone something without anyone else hearing or whatnot, this is where that'll happen.

2: Gametable 2.0 - Gametable 2.0 is a virtual game table (as the name implies) and will be the primary venue for the game. You may find this at [http://sourceforge.net/projects/gametable/]

3: Dungeons & Dragons 4.0 - Player's Handbook. I expect that if you're playing in this game, you're not near another player and unable to look on. In my opinion, D&D is a hobby and any good hobbyist has the tools for the job. The player's handbook is the most essential tool to the game. Have it, know it, love it. (That said, I don't expect anyone to know all the rules like the back of their hand and questions are still ok =])

4: Dice - If at all possible, you want at least one set of dice. This includes:
1x 20 sided die
1x 12 sided die
2x 10 sided die
1x 8 sided die
1x 6 sided die
1x 4 sided die
The dice utility with game table sometimes acts a bit funky so there are times I may ask for a roll and you just roll it right there on your desk and tell me the result. I play on the honor system and expect that any result is an honest one. You could tell me you crit 5 times in a row and I'd take it as you just happened to get really lucky. That said, I trust you also know that lying about your rolls will slowly eat away at your soul and will build, what I like to call, Role Playing Karma. Sooner or later, a bad roll will come along that you can't deny or something will happen that will jack you right up. The D&D gods frown on lies about dice. ;)

5: Game Faces and etiquette - Yep, I want to run this game with humor and yeah, we're gonna have fun but I also want you to be in character and in the game. We've all been waiting a while for this and I know we all want the most out of it as possible. There are some things I want to keep at a minimum. I want minimal swearing. I understand damn or hell, those I'm not really going to fret over but overtly foul language, I feel, can really take away from the game. Please use discretion. If it happens a lot, I dock exp. Just stay in character. Also, go easy on the emotes as they're just a pet peeve for me. :) >.< O.o O.O =] XD =O

6. Leave arguing at the door - Rules discussions have their place but anything that can grind the game to halt can happen after the game. When it comes down to it, I'm on your (the player's) side and I'm here to have fun WITH you, not to have it at your expense. Without you I don't have a game so even if I make a call you don't like, please let it slide. I can almost guarantee that there will be times where you're not keen on what happens but I can only promise to do my best, being human and all. So, your humor, toleration and help would be most appreciated.

Andrew said...

Hamachi Link
Gametable Link

Magus Stragus said...

Hamachi - checked
Gametable - checked
Books - checked
Dice - checked
Etiquette - checked (I think so... I'm a emoton whore, btw... ¬_¬ Hope you don't mind...)

There. Ready to go sir!

silent stone said...

I laud your faith in your players, Andrew, especially with regards to dice rolls.

I do have a question, though (if you don't mind me being a little impertinent): you described the Gametable dice utility as being "funky". Do you mean to say that you think the utility is insufficiently random, or merely that it is a poor imitation of rolling real dice?

If the former, I'd like to know how you determined that the randomness was insufficient (as a geek with too much time on my hands, I run a chi-square test on every new randomizer I come across, and without getting into any ridiculous mathematical detail, Gametable's dice utility seems sound to me).

If the latter, I would wholeheartedly agree. The only advantage computer-based dice utilities have over real dice is that you never have to dig under the sofa for an errant digital d20.

Sorry for the tangent...

Andrew said...

Nah, it's ok Silent. Really what it is is that sometimes it doesn't want to report correctly. Last time I played with it, the results didn't show or we could see them but our DM couldn't, etc. That's all. Although, that said, even when it is working, sometimes it's just nice to roll for real and I understand that and have no problem with that. =] Hope that answers your question.

silent stone said...

Yes, it does. Thanks for humoring me.

Andrew said...

You're easily humorable lol

silent stone said...

Guilty as charged. (^_^)

Lincoln said...

emotes ftw! ^_^ :D O_o O_O o.o ._. >.> <.< v.v z_z x_x :) :( :] :[ =D D= :/ =/ :\ =\ X_X X_x x_X XD X) X( x( x) hehe :P... You just love me now, don't you andrew? XD

Lincoln said...

Whoops, i forgot the kirby dance!

<(*.*<) ^(*.*^) (^*.*)^ (>*.*)> (v*.*)v v(*.*v) <(*.*<) ^(*.*^) (^*.*)^ (>*.*)> (v*.*)v v(*.*v) <(*.*<) ^(*.*^) (^*.*)^ (>*.*)> (v*.*)v v(*.*v) <(*.*<) ^(*.*^) (^*.*)^ (>*.*)> (v*.*)v v(*.*v) <(*.*<) ^(*.*^) (^*.*)^ (>*.*)> (v*.*)v v(*.*v)

hehe :P

Lincoln said...

heads up, we do NOT have a fifth player, Dan apparently is not going to be playing this one :[

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