Ask The Readers 2

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Alright, I think it's time for another one of these bad boys. It's that time when I ask you guys, the readers, what you'd like to see some Takes on. Give, in a comment, any request (or requests) you may have for Take subjects and I'll write them down and use them in the blog (or I'll do my best to get them all in there). The last one was a smashing success and I look forward to seeing what you guys are looking for. Let the comments fly!



Magus Stragus said...

Mmm... How about a take on items? Artifacts, intelligent items, key items, and such? Well, it may not be that deep, but in some campaigns items can be very important.

Or character optimization?
Or how about familiars and other animal companions?
Or a take on epic levels, where your actions do not only affect the party but the rest of the world as well?

Just a few ideas.

Adam said...

I wouldnt mind seeing a take on the expansion books which are being pumped out into circulation. Personally, I think wizards is going a little crazy with it, but of course I understand they need to make more money. Is there another way they can produce more content other than by making up more prestige classes and feats, etc. There has got to be more to this game. Personally I think a book on mounts and mounted combat would be cool (since it doesnt exist yet as far as I can tell). Maybe a new campaign setting book like the underdark book in 3rd edition. Instead of writing specific adventures, build more worlds for us to use. So yeah I think a good take would be what kind of products do we want to see? What would be some neat tools for D&D insider subscriptions?

Zato2TWO said...

I've got a broad concept that I'd like to talk about, which I fear I may be lacking in my GMing skillset. I'd like to have a discussion on how to personalize the adventure for your players. All too often I fear that most games just kind of drift into a feeling of "just being there for the ride", as in, a GM having an adventure already written up in his head and just plugging in the party into a slot for 'proxy heroes' with no real relation to the story.

What I'd ideally have is a story that's actually *about* the player characters. A story with some personal investment from the players right from the get-go. I'm sure we could think of a few ways to make the players really feel like they're what's driving the adventure, and not simply the empty promise of following the GM's bread crumb trail.

Andrew said...

Chris, thanks, that's my next one. Adam, I'm making a mental note of yours too, I'll hit those for sure. Thanks guys! Any more ideas are always appreciated too.

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