The World of Telain

Author: Andrew /

Hey all you Taken out there,

If you're interested, I've just finished the geography for Telain. You can go check it out at:

I'll just leave it at that. Tell me what you think in your comments!



silent stone said...

First off, a little HTML tip: to create a hyperlink, you just need to use the <a> tag, like this:

<a href="">my map of Telain on deviantART</a>

....which gets turned into my map of Telain on deviantART

Just put the url in the parenthesis after the href bit, and the text that you want displayed in between the <a> and the </a&gy;.

Now that being said, that map you made of Telain is freaking awesome. It puts my little map of Zethykala to shame. If you did that in Photoshop, you must reveal all your secret techniques to me (because most, if not all, of them will work in the GIMP).

silent stone said...

aaack...why can't we go back and edit our comments? that's supposed to be a </a> instead of a </a&gy; in the fourth paragraph...i guess that's what the Preview button's for, eh?

Andrew said...

There are some tutorials you can look up. Check out The Cartographer's Guild

Also you can check out the Fantasy Cartography with Photoshop videos on youtube. There are 18 videos. All are good. The guy who does them is Butch Curry. He's really great.

Glad you liked it! =]

Magus Stragus said...

Excellent map, Andrew. Can't wait to wander through it.

Adam said...

Very, very impressive, good work

"I want to go to there"
- Tena Fey

silent stone said...


(Off-topic, I know, but I figure this is at least worth a lol...)

Andrew said...

I totally saw that the other day and seriously considered getting some. They look awesome! I'm really loving that D&D is starting to advertise more. I guess they were advertising on as well as Now Jones Soda, too? My goodness!

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