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Alright folks, I've had this idea rattling around in my skull for a while and I wanted to throw it out there. In a post a while back, I mentioned online game tables. That was pretty popular and a lot of people said it was really informative. Well, lets put that to the test. I've had individuals ask about a D&D Take game, where members from the site were welcome to participate in a game.

So, this is what I'm requiring in a game that I'll play in. Each player needs at least their own Player's Handbook. If you're playing, you should have the basic tools. Dice macros will be in the game table but you may use actual dice if you like. Rolls will be on the honor system.

When you express interest in playing, do so in a comment and include day(s) of the week, times, and preferred days. Also, I'd like to give one of you players a chance to DM because I know you guys have talked and expressed abilities which I'd like to see first hand, so list whether you would like to DM.

Also in your comment, please describe the kind of game you'd like to play in. It will, of course, be D&D 4th edition, but beyond that, as far as theme goes and whatnot, you're more than welcome to suggest.

I think that's about it, folks, so let the comments fly. Thanks.



Lincoln said...

Well, i've already expressed my opinion on this, so yes, i would be joining the game, if it happens... you know my schedule so far, and if anything changes it, you'll hear about it, so yeah :)

Magus Stragus said...

Me in! ME IN!!!! As a player (been DM for too long now).

For me, any kind of game would do. Well, if it can stay medieval without too much tech it would be better.

I can play 24/7 as for now ('cept for Fridays before 11 PM)

Zato2TWO said...

Hey Andrew, it's me Chris Lee from AI. Took me long enough to find this place =O. How's it going, buddy? =D

Anyways, this sounds like a neat idea. I'd definitely enjoy doing this on the side of things. I don't know what my next few months are going to look like, but my nights are always free (except Mondays and perhaps Saturdays, but that's subject to change).

Magus Stragus said...

So, what are we going to do then?

Andrew said...

Currently I'm working on a city for a game I'd like to DM. I'm thinking it will be somewhat episodic and all taking place within a city I'm creating. You'll all start at certain points within the city and I plan on having different places for different types of characters. I would like to see character ideas and back-stories. I'm still debating on what level things will start at. Start thinking about your characters. Be light on the back-stories, but do have an idea of their demeanor and personalities. Make them original and 3-dimensional. I'll give more specifications as I think of them.

As for my schedule, it changes with my work schedule. I'm on california time so we'll be going off of that. I may not be ready for a while as I'm busy with some other things as well but I'll keep you guys up to date as I go.

Adam said...

I am willing to run every other sunday. I cant promise much more than that since I now have 2 jobs, and a wife. She might play, dont worry she knows what she is doing, :) 4th ed of course. If our schedules permit perhaps we could do a saturday and sunday session every now and then. And also I am willing to play in a game, either way I am good.

Andrew said...

Alright. I'm still working on the rough world, or rather, city, that the game would take place in. I'm thinking it would be a very sand-boxy "create-your-own-adventure" kind of game with a humorous attitude. Post any ideas for games that you'd like to run and we'll see what's good and what people want. Adam, knowing you, I'm sure it'll be good; I'm just curious to what ideas you've got bouncing around in your head. Good to hear!

Adam said...

my idea is basically Mount and Blade meets cowboy bebop in D&D land, lol. If you've never played mount and blade, you gotta try it. Its pretty cheap since it is kinda old. The graphics kind of suck but I think its totally worth the game play. The campaign would include a mini game where you manage a mercenary band and other NPCs. Dont worry, these mercs wouldn't take up combat time. Would allow anything in Dungeons and Dragons 4th, and use one of the standard arrays for ability scores. I think our ideas are pretty similar but instead of using a city, it would be based on 4 bordering countries in a constant state of conflict...oh and big o monsters.

Andrew said...

LoL gotta have big o' monsters LoL

Lincoln said...

Well, on a side note, Congratulations on getting married Adam, i wasn't aware :)

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